Nov 12
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      One tip that I learned is don’t run downstairs. It was a Saturday around noon when me and

my sister were going for a walk to my Grandma's house. We were taking a birthday card to her

that we had made. We were walking by our mailbox when I realized that we had forgotten the

card . I ran back to the house, grabbed the card from the counter, and ran across the porch to the

stairs leading to the lower level. As I started running down the stairs, I tripped on the fifth to last

stair. I started somersaulting and landed on our rocky driveway with a thud. It felt like a bunch of

needles  stabbing me all at once.  I began to cry, and my sister came running to me and asked

what had happened. I told her how I had fallen and she helped me up and into the house so I

could clean up my scraped knee. I looked in the mirror and my left cheek bone was swollen and

really puffy. My sister got me an ice pack that I put against my cheek. As the cold from the ice

pack numbed the pain, I realized if I hadn’t been rushing and running down the stairs, my fall

might not have happened. Don’t run down stairs, it’s not worth the risk of falling. Sadly, my

Gram wasn’t going to get her birthday card that day.