Nov 14
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Glass heart

Joy walks around the fragmented glass. Every few second, a dazzling teardrop springs free and land, creating a kalaidascope effect. She kneels at the edge of the small, human shaped circle. Her mom had always told her that those with glass hearts break the easiest. She didn't think her little brother had a glass heart. She bent over, teeth clenched as she replayed the moment in her head. Her best friend, Angelena, had come over, and started teasing her brother. Angelena had become different in the last few months. Sharper. Crueler. She had called him names, told him no one loved him. Joy had went along with it, because that was who she was. A follower. He was on the ground, sobbing, when it happened. Angelena had called him an especially cruel name, a name Joy wouldnt even think. He just... shattered. Fell to pieces. Angelena screamed, and ran. Pushing someone to that point- It was like manslaughter, but the charges were much harsher. Joy fell to the ground, and hadn't left the room since. She curled around the fragments of her brother. One iridescent shard catches her eye. Her brothers heartstone, the last piece. The pain rips through her, tearing her in two. She screams, and then she, too, shatters. When her mother comes in and finds them, all that is left are two pieces, glowing a soft blue and intertwined. Both are in the shape of half a heart. her mother connects them, eyes brimming over with tears. They slowly fade away, with a lingering summer scent filling the air. No one notices as two soft breezes float up and away from the glass world, and those with iron and glass hearts.
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