Nov 14
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“Oooowwwwww” I screamed as my feet came out of the wall. It was a normal summers day and I was going down stairs, to go watch some T.V and eat food. But then my mom said I could not watch T.V because I had been bad yesterday. So I started to get angry  and throw a fit then my mom sent me upstairs, so I stomped myself up the stairs it was at that point I freaked out at my mom. I started to throw things, screamed l, and then I did something that I thought I would never do in my life, my foot went up and befor I knew it there my foot was in the wall and the wall was shattered . There I was my foot in the wall and me screaming the wall had a heel mark in it.

Next thing I knew I was in my room crying to death, finally after a long time my crying made me tired so I went to sleep after a while my mom woke me up and said there is someone on the phone how would like to talk you. I said how is it, it was my dad and he was not happy after we talked I said sorry to my mom she said thank you for apologizing  but you are still in your room for the rest of the day, I felt so awful about what I just did.  That's why you should NEVER kick a hole in your wall.      
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