Nov 14
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The Hard Way

Me and my brother learned this the hard way, Table manners that is. It was one summer night and we were eating pasta. That night was the night where bodhi and I left the table manners outside. Then are dad saw us not useing are manners he exclaimed what he had done when he was a kid so he would stop having bad manners, He called it the table game. He said to us go get your money from your room, so we did. When we got down stairs there was a huge mason jar on the table and a little chart of how much you had to pay for what we did.

    As we sat down at the table Bodhi reaches across the table and grabs the chart, he took one glance at it and at the top of the list is Reaching across the table: $1.50 , Then he took out one dollar and fifty cents and puts it in the jar. He handes me the list and all I see on that paper is my money going out the window and then falling in the trash can. As my mom serves us pasta I put my elbows on the table to pour a heavy pitcher of water into my glass and dad shouts, “ $1:00!!! In the jar!” Then I say in a angry voice “cha-ching!”  

    I pull out one dollar and whispered to Mom, “ Make dad chew with his mouth open so he has to pay $2:25 please.” I said in a soft voice. She said to me “ you know this is all going to him right?” then I burst out in flames and almost ripped that dollar bill in half that night! I shoved the dollar bill into my pocket and said you will not get are money!!! And then I reached into that jar and got my brothers money and then shoved it in his hand.

Then Mom gave a sour look too dad.Then He said “I will give you back the money when we are done dinner. But next time I keep the money. That was the worst night to have the game going. Now I will never put my elbows on the table ever again!




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