Nov 14
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    I know a lot of people that want to ski and have never done it before. I believe that everyone that wants to ski should be able to. Wouldn't it be awesome if the first time you ski or snowboard ayney were into unitedstates it would be free. Can you imagine no one would be jealous any more and you could be able to ski with all of your friends at least ones. Also you would not have to worry about not having enough money.

    Doesn't it get annoying when someone is always jealous of you or asking you questions? Well that's how I feel at least. I think that unless you have skied with someone in your life all they want to do is look at you in that weird way. I think it would make them feel so much better if we did let them ski with us and it would be so much fun. I would love to find all of people's strengths and help them in any way I can.

    If someone did not have enough money to go skiing it would give them a chance to try it at least once in their life. For any of you out there that have never skied or snowboarded can probably agree with me. The two reasons that people don't ski or snowboard is either they don't want to for any reason or they don't have the money. I encourage you to try skiing if possible even know it is not for everyone.

    All I want to see is new people on the mountain with smiles on their faces and having all the fun possible. For all of these reasons I think that people should be able to ski on the mountains at least once or twice in their lives. If you think so to join me in this and maybe everyone's dreams to ski will come true!


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