Nov 14
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    Don’t ever be late to basketball practice. I found that one out the hard way. First of all, I showed up 20 minutes late and needed to run 5 laps. Also, I needed to touch the free throw line, go back touch the half court line, go back touch the other free throw line, and go back and run the full court. Additionally, I was still treacherously tired, it was hard to breathe and at that point I was behind in what we were doing. While I was doing that, the rest of the group did layups but the coach said I didn’t have to because we were almost done. The reason I needed to run so much is because that is what I missed in the part I wasn’t there. Now, I ask my parents if I can go early so I will have time to shoot around and warm up.

My brother showed up late to his practice and he did almost as tiring things. That was not too bad watching my brother run. As a result he only had to run 2 laps and two of the other things I did which are pretty tiring. I have learned not to show up late to any sport practices at all.

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