Nov 20

That's It For Me

If there's one thing I've learned over this last year it's that all we have is right now and we should appreciate the love we're shown today by our loved ones because there's no promise that love will be there tomorrow no matter what words are said in the past, or even the present. In this chaotic and depraved world there really are no guarantees. This is gonna seem cliché but never take this life for granted.. human beings are a ridiculous animal. Society has become a chaotic and decadent spectacle to the slice of the population that still harbors old school values and morals.. The only truly doable solution that the individual can achieve in any struggle is to approve upon oneself. To give your own mark, not the ones others givers give you. To endure and persist no matter what loss of love, loss of friendship, or loss of companionship haunts your thoughts. A notion I could previously never accept is this: people come and go as they please, but you're stuck with you. I've come to espouse that notion because for many there'd be no will to go on without it. With that being said it'll be a new year soon. Hope it goes better for everyone than 2017.. what a year.
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