Dec 06
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If I Had a Genie in a Bottle

Ask: If I Had a Genie in a Bottle

If I found a genie in a bottle and he gave me three wishes, I would first want to be selfish and wish for everything for myself. That would definitely be the most fun. But there are also some things that would help everybody in the world and so, after thinking about it, these are the things I would wish for:

First, I would really like multiple Christmases each year. I would wish for this because I like to receive presents. Also, Christmas is my favourite holiday because I get to make and eat Christmas cookies, spend time with family, and open gifts together. My mom goes to a couple of cookie exchanges so we always have lots and lots of Christmas cookies. Laura and Robert always come to town, too, so our whole family is together.  

I would also wish for no more racism. There’s no reason to be racist. Racism hurts people. Throughout the history of this country and the world, racism has caused violence and death. There are a lot of bad things in the news lately caused by groups of people who hate other groups of different races. For instance, there are whites and blacks in this country and Israelis and Arabs in the Middle East. There is no evidence to back up a point when making a racist statement. Racism is just uncalled for.

For my final wish, I would beat the system and wish for unlimited wishes. This is the only logical thing to wish for. But, if the genie told me that I could not have that wish, in all seriousness, I would wish for no more poverty in the world. I would wish that the homeless all had homes and the poor could get enough money to have all of their basic needs met and live a happier life. Then everyone would always have enough to eat and would have a place to live. They would be able to go to doctors if they were sick. They would have enough money to buy clothes and things they needed for their daily lives. I also wish that they could have enough money to do some fun things.

Getting three wishes is a fun fantasy. It’s too bad they can’t come true. Maybe someday they will.