Dec 13

Night Terror

As my alarm lingers in my ears, the noise of a warning siren slithers into my ears and softly strikes my eardrums. I attempt to locate my desk to snooze my phone but i whiff, I try again but to no avail i whiff again. In a state of perplexion i lift my head to see if my nightstand had been moved by a couple of feet, but to my surprise it wasn't there. Now annoyed i stand up only to see my bed vanish. as it finished deteriorating a faint voice interrupts and stops the alarm and says "Come here Jeremiah". As my face transmogrifies from confusion to horror. I just stand there. the voice re emerges this time louder than before, "Come here Jeremiah". As i think to myself "where is here?", It responds "walk strait" I have no choice but to obey his commands. Walking, I now i think again "Did he just read-" "Your mind, yes i can do that here." It says as It's chilling comment stops my train of thought. After about a 2½ minute walk I approach a door. The wooden door radiates of the smell of oak. i grasp the crystal-like handle and i walk in, the door immediately closes behind me creating a chill breeze, the swift breeze quickly alters into a howling gust of wind. Suddenly my clothes have become a black and white jumpsuit, my wrists become shackled together and before i know it the floor begins to split and slide into the wall. second by second the floor separates farther and farther apart.. Petrified, i hear It talk again " Well,well,well quite the problem we- I mean you have here". Speechless i just stand there until the floor disappeared. As my heels leave the cement floor i begin to accelerate downward, I look down and see a pool of water. I soon torpedoed into the dark ominous liquid. Holding my breath I attempt to swim up, but only to encounter a ceiling made of what seemed to be poly-carbonate,not being able to hold my breath for much longer begin to strike the material in hopes to not drown. It says to me as i lose air "This gets more frightening the more you return, Knuckles whitening, stomach tightening, once bitten, so many times burned" I breath my last breath. The water floods my mouth and i see my life coming to a end. My last thoughts echo through my head" Is this it? Is this how I'll leave this cruel world" In a faint response It replies "Once bitten, so many times burned". My body goes numb as, the scene of my life fades into black