Dec 22
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The lightbulb is a perfect metaphor for an idea. It is pulled from the top shelf of a hardware store where it has been stuffed among many others just like itself. It’s wheeled around to the front, passed through a couple hands, through inspection. Then it’s placed back into the cart, no more second guessing on which is  the right light bulb because it’s already on its way out of the place where it was made. The trip to the car is risky, because it’s fragile and could break, or be lost, at any moment. When it finally makes it to the car, it awaits approval by the others sitting in the backseat. The man makes sure they think it’s the right kind, the right number of watts, the right size, before he drives it to it’s more permanent place of residing. There, it shines on everyone else, providing them light and inspiration. The lightbulb is a perfect metaphor for an idea.
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