Jan 02
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Crazy Things

I like the soccer pitch, the crazy games I get to be apart of, the crazy goals I see or score and the endless ideas of celebrations

I like the baseball diamond and seeing my pitch sail past the batter for a strike or see the ball I just hit fly far into the outfield

I like to watch football on a cold Sunday afternoon with my Dad

I like to play Fifa and put it on beginner so that I can think I’m good at the game

I like to play Madden and trade for players that my team would never do in real life

I like to watch movies with my little brother and my parents late at night

I like to swim and feel the water rush past me as I swim for the light

I like to go on vacation to get away from the cold and relax

I like to hang out with my friends and have a good time

I like to watch soccer the crazy games I see and the crazy goals I watch and the endless celebrations the pros do
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