Jan 02


A frog
A boy
An old man

(Boy playing with LEGOs. He builds a tower)
FROG: Hi, boy.
BOY: Hi, frog.
(Boy continues playing. Frog approaches.)
FROG: I need to go on a walk.
(Boy ignores him)
FROG: I need to go on a walk. You need to take me on a walk.
(Frog approaches and touches the tower of LEGOs)
BOY: Don’t touch! (annoyed)
FROG: Take me on a walk!
BOY: No!
(Frog turns away, but then suddenly turns back and destroys the tower)
BOY: Hey!
FROG: Take me on a walk!
BOY: Fine.
(Old Man enters stage left. He leans on a walking stick)

OLD MAN: Hi, boy.
BOY: Hi, old man.
(Old Man comes closer and slips and falls on the LEGOs)
OLD MAN: What was that? (panicked)
FROG: LEGOs. (sourly)
BOY: Come on, frog!
(Boy and Frog exit stage left)
OLD MAN: What was that? (looks around, sees the LEGOs) What is this? (He picks up on brick) My youth!
(Old Man begins to build a tower of LEGOs. Several seconds pass.)
(Frog enters stage left)
FROG: Hi, old man.
OLD MAN: Hi, frog.
FROG: Have you seen the boy?
OLD MAN: Come play LEGOs with me!
FROG: He said he would take me on a walk.
OLD MAN: Look! (he lifts up an ordinary brick, marveling)
FROG: He promised he would take me.
OLD MAN: I love LEGOs.
(Boy yells off stage)
FROG: I hear him!
(Frog exits stage right)
(Old Man finishes the tower)

OLD MAN: It’s done!
(Boy enters stage right)
BOY: Have you seen the frog?
OLD MAN: It’s done.
BOY: I can’t find him!
OLD MAN: There are no more LEGOs.
BOY: I thought he would come here.
OLD MAN: There are no more LEGOs!
BOY: I promised him I would take him on a walk.
(Old Man stares blankly at the tower of LEGOs)
BOY: I better find him soon. It’s cold out!
(Boy exits stage right. Pause.)
OLD MAN: Don’t forget to take your mittens!
(Old Man suddenly destroys the tower of LEGOs)
OLD MAN: Where is that boy?
(Old Man exits stage right. A few seconds.)
(Frog enters stage right)
FROG: I’m cold. (sulking)
(Frog sits)
FROG: I’m hungry.
(Frog picks up a LEGO brick)
FROG: I’m lonely.

(Frog brings knees to chin)
FROG: Where is the boy?
(Frog puts the LEGO brick into his mouth. The LEGO brick is actually a piece of chocolate)
(Old Man enters stage right)
OLD MAN: Frog!
(Frog stares straight ahead)
OLD MAN: Frog!
(Frog turns. His mouth bulges with the LEGO brick)
OLD MAN: Oh! What are you eating? (jealous)
(Moment of silence. Frog chews)
OLD MAN: What are you eating?
(Frog swallows)
OLD MAN: Hey, spit that out!
OLD MAN: You, frog, you…
(Old Man slips on LEGOs again as he approaches the Frog)
OLD MAN: What was that? (he picks up a LEGO brick) What is this?
FROG: Oh no, not again.
(Frog pushes Old Man to the side)
OLD MAN: Help! Help! A frog is trying to eat me!
FROG: What?
OLD MAN: Help! Oh someone please….I’ve lost my mittens….

FROG: (suddenly concerned) Are you okay?
OLD MAN: Help me! Help me! The wild creature now attacks! (swoons)
FROG: Old Man!
(The Old Man is motionless)
FROG: Oh no, what will the boy say now?
OLD MAN: Psst.
(Frog gasps)
OLD MAN: Psst. Come here.
(Frog hesitantly comes to the Old Man’s side)
FROG: Old Man?
OLD MAN: Shhh. (pauses). Do you….by chance...have anything to eat?
FROG: Oh no. My time has come! Goodbye, Old Man!
(Frog rushes away stage right)
OLD MAN: Noooooo! Come back! Come back!
(Boy enters stage right)
BOY: Old man, my hands, my hands...
(Boy sees the Old Man on the floor)
BOY: Old Man!
(Boy rushes to his side)
BOY: Old Man, are you hurt? Oh no, oh please God no.
(Old Man is motionless. Appears dead.)
BOY: What have you done? What have I done? Speak to me…. (tearing up)

OLD MAN: I speak.
BOY: You live!
(Old Man suddenly jerks up and stares straight ahead)
BOY: Old Man, for a moment, I thought you were…
OLD MAN: It was that Frog of yours. (pronounces Frog in sneering disdain)
BOY: Frog?
OLD MAN: Aye. He tried to… eat me!
BOY: Frog?!
(Boy gets up to leave)
OLD MAN: No, no, no. You best stay here.
BOY: But Frog?!
OLD MAN: It’s cold out.
BOY: Oh yes! My hands, my hands!
OLD MAN: They’re cold.
BOY: They’re cold! (whimpering)
OLD MAN: They’re cold! (angry)
BOY: They’re cold. (resigned)
OLD MAN: How dare they!
(Old Man vigorously rubs the hands of the Boy)
OLD MAN: (slowly) Where are your mittens?
BOY: Uhhh
OLD MAN: I asked you, boy. Answer me quick now.
OLD MAN: I told you to take your mittens! Didn’t I?
BOY: What, um, but, uhhh..
OLD MAN: You rascal!
BOY: My frog. (suddenly, sadly)
OLD MAN: Frog?
(Boy nods)
OLD MAN: Frog?!
BOY: I don’t know where he is!
OLD MAN: That frog tried to -
BOY: It’s cold out. He must be so cold, my poor frog.
OLD MAN (the sudden anger disappearing): Cold?
BOY: Yes. Very cold.
OLD MAN: You’d better find him then. What are you waiting for? Get on out there!
BOY: Oh yes, sir. Right away, sir!
(Boy rushes out stage right)
OLD MAN: (picks up a LEGO brick) What is this?
(Old Man suddenly finds a pair of mittens. He turns slowly toward stage right. An expression of anger, disbelief, and concern slowly clouds his face)
OLD MAN: You….forgot….your….mittens!
(Old Man rushes out stage right. Drops mittens accidentally as he leaves.)

(A few seconds of nothing)
(Frog enters stage right, secretly. Seeing that the Old Man is nowhere in sight, he picks up another LEGO brick and puts it into his mouth. Looks around again.)
FROG: I will miss you, dear old swamp.
(Frog snatches another LEGO brick and exits stage right)
(Boy enters stage right)
BOY: Old Man, I can’t find him. And my hands….
(Boy looks around, realizes no one is there)
BOY: Where is he? Where are they?
(Boy sits down. Notices LEGOs. A smile creeps onto his face)
BOY: I love LEGOs!
(Boy begins to build a tower again)
BOY: Doo dee doo do doo dee doo do.
(Boy finishes the tower)
BOY: What’s this? Two, no three LEGOs are missing!
(Boy begins frantic search around the floor. He finds his mittens near the door)
BOY: My mittens!
(A few seconds of silence. The Boy puts on his mittens, slowly, deliberately)
BOY: Old Man. Old Man!
(Boy rushes out stage right)
(A few seconds pass)
(Old Man enters stage right)
OLD MAN: Ahhhh! My hands! Where are my mittens?
(Boy enters stage right)
BOY: Old Man!
OLD MAN: Come here, you rascal. Hey, what’s that?
BOY: My mittens. See, I didn’t forget them this time. (oddly happy, proud)
OLD MAN: You didn’t? (pause) Are you sure?
BOY: Look!
OLD MAN: That’s my boy! (embraces him)
BOY: Thanks, old man.
OLD MAN: Now, what’s that you’re making over there?
BOY: Oh that. These are my LEGOs. Do you want to play with me?
OLD MAN: Ha. Me? I’m an old man, boy. I don’t play with LEGOs.
BOY: Really? Oh.
(Boy stares at his tower of LEGOs for some time. The Old Man puts on the mittens and pats his face contentedly)
BOY: Frog. (whispers)
OLD MAN: What’s that?
BOY: Frog!
OLD MAN: Now come on, you stop mumbling and speak clearly!
BOY: Frog!!
OLD MAN: I still can’t hear you.
BOY: Yes you can!
OLD MAN: How dare you speak to your betters like that!
BOY: My betters? I’ve lost my Frog and it’s all because you kept reminding me about….(tries to think of something)...about my mittens!
OLD MAN: You impertinent child….
BOY: I’m finding my frog and don’t you come after me with your mittens!
(Boy exits stage right)
(A few seconds pass)
(Frog enters stage right and collapses)
OLD MAN: Who’s there?
(Old Man gets up slowly with his cane. He pokes the hunched up, frozen Frog)
OLD MAN: It’s my boy, isn’t it? Oh, see what happens when you refuse to take your mittens?
(Old Man crouches)
OLD MAN: Look up at me, boy.
FROG: (muffled) No. (barely audible)
OLD MAN: Look up at me, I said!
(Frog looks up. Shivers)
OLD MAN: Frog!
FROG: I’m sorry. I’m too cold. If you’re going to eat me, please fry me quick with some vegetables. Whatever you do. Don’t, don’t boil me! (bursts into tears)
OLD MAN: Frog!
FROG: I know you’re hungry. So do it quick. Tell the boy it’s okay he never took me on a walk. Tell him, I’ll forgive him. Maybe he’ll think better of me then.
OLD MAN: Frog!
(Boy enters stage right. He clutches his hands again as before.)
BOY: I’ve really looked everywhere. I’ve spent hours and hours looking.
(Frog struggles to hide behind the Old Man)
BOY: Old Man. What’s going on?
(Boy sees Frog)
BOY: Old Man. What’s that behind you?
OLD MAN: Well, it’s -
BOY: Frog!
(Boy rushes over and hugs the bewildered Frog)
FROG: Please don’t eat me, please don’t eat me..
BOY: You silly! Why would I eat you?
FROG: Please.B
​BOY: You’re my frog. I would never.
OLD MAN: Now that’s true friendship!