Jan 12
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One single tweet

Whitney Matarano 4 million followers, verified, famous, 26. I was watching a show recently and I really liked it I thought I’d share with my love with one of the actors with my audience not thinking of the consequences. My tweet read:
“Wow just got done binge watching Rosewood and I’m completely obsessed with William brown! @Juliopermoski DM me in 4 years ;)” 
At the time I didn’t see anything wrong with it I noticed my phone was blowing up with twitter notifications I thought I had just gained some popularity but I wasn’t wrong but it wasn’t good popularity. People where retweeting me and saying ‘this is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe someone would say that’  ‘She is such a slut!’ ‘Wow, cougar’ ‘ He’s almost half your age!’ They were right it was disgusting I was a slut and a cougar and he was almost half my age as I was going to turn 27 in just a week.

Julio Permoski 3.9 million followers, verified, famous, 14. I was having a normal day on set, a good one even and I got a Twitter notification I read it and was disgusted but had to go back to filming and later forgot. Until I started getting more saying she was wrong and defending me. I didn’t speak about it to anyone not even my parents they would say something and I didn’t need any bad publicity with me in my current position with people hating on me for ignoring a fan I didn’t see a few months ago.

Whitney Matarano, 26. I deleted the tweet and logged off of Twitter hoping it would calm down. But the next day I woke up and logged on my Twitter only to see me tagged in 1 million posts saying ‘#Whitneysoverparty’ all I could think was over all day, I had to go to meetings and got questions by the paparazzi about what I had said but ignored it all. I was in meetings getting ideas for my new show and all I could think still was the word over it was big and scary and all didn’t want to hear. My career couldn’t be over I’m  only 26. I was only thinking over  until I got an email from my upcoming shows network reading:
Due to bad publicity and illegal comments made by you we will not be continuing your show ‘Living Fabulous With Whitney’ 
I was devastated that was all I was looking forward to in life since everyone had dropped me. I didn’t have any meetings, photoshoots, auditions, interviews or filming or filming of any sorts. I waited for days not leaving my house just lying low not active on social media those days turned into a week of not leaving my house. So I decided to take a walk to get a bagel and some coffee. I ran into someone who looked familiar I was running names through my head but couldn’t find an answer they avoided eye contact.

Julio Permoski, 14. I was walking down West BLVD with my dog and parents to get some breakfast and I saw someone I knew but didn’t want to see I made eye contact but quickly looked away. As we were approaching the door we had to get close to each other and then it hit me. It was her, it was Whitney the one who had made those disgusting tweets about me. I think it hit her too. 

Kate Fawning, 127 followers, not verified, not famous, 17. They were approaching the when their eyes both widened made eye contact and quickly averted their sight. They were both acting awkward when Whitney finally said something she asked him for his forgiveness and at first he didn’t answer the she said “look I know this is super awkward and not normal, but please hear me out” he turned his head and said “ok let’s hear it” and she said she was sorry and he forgave her. But what happened next was completely out of sight. A fan came up to her and sent something out later to find she plastered it all over her social media. People started showing up and made an riot it got out of hand and police started to show up but it only got worse from there people with masks showed up. Then I heard one of the masked people say “ we don’t have room for people like you in this world. Bang a gun was fired and people screamed gasped and ran away. How did something small but wrong lead to a mass murder. We all wondered but no one had the answer but the thing that started all of it was one single tweet.
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