Jan 16
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What I like

I like to play soccer, I like to hangout with my friends at really fun places like get air. I like to eat good food, and sweet stuff. I like skittles,starbursts, and, lifesavers. I like to act wild and funny in front of my friends. I like to sleep because my pillow is like a soft cloud. I like tacos because when you take a bite it's like BOOOOOM!!! I like to be outside and play with friends. I love soccer because I've been playing for like 100 years! I like to be with my family and go on vacations. I like to wear sweatpants because they are very comfortable. I like dogs more than cats because I like trees and trees have bark on them and dogs bark. I like cereal because cereal is delicious. I like coffee ice cream with heath bar topping. 
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