Feb 05

Learning to Fly (don't mention my wings)

There are times
I question my very existence.

I know it might sound cliche
but I hope you learn
it's not.

And, it's as far
as one can get
from lying. 

It starts often,
when I look in your eyes.

I don't know what triggers it,
just something in those circles  
of deep, brown
(almost like my chocolate milk)
that makes me think 
"Hey, why are you here anyways?" 
and I'll always shoot back 
"Well because you are... duh." 
but it's never quite that simple,
nothing ever is.

Not even your smile,
the purest thing I have ever known,
is that easy to figure out. 

Even you can tell 
we're not all here
because we were chosen
by some God or greater power...
we're probably here by accident. 

After all, why else would I be alive,
experiencing all this untamed
possibly explosive, beauty?

Most people call it the sky
but everyone knows
I can't tell stone
from skyward anymore...
not all of us know 
how to fly.