• When I Grow Up...

    Write a story, poem, or create your own way to express what you want to be when you grow up. This could be written about what you want to have accomplished by the next four, ten, twenty, or even fifty years.

  • Traveling

    As much as I love Vermont, and it loves me, I love to travel outside of it. I travel to see the sights and visit all the places I can. I especially like to visit foreign countries.

  • Banning Phones From Schools

    I don't hate the idea of banning phones from schools, but there are some things that I feel that the bill's (which would have made it so phones were banned during the school day) writers might have failed to take into consideration.

  • Peace

    Peace looks like a quiet meadow on a sunny day, where the grass sways gently in the breeze and flowers bloom in vibrant colors. Birds sing joyfully in the sky, and the only sound is the soft rustling of leaves in the trees.

  • Wonder

    Something I seem to always think back to, is what happens after you die. I used to get trapped in this thought and it was my biggest fear all throughout my childhood. You can't help but wonder what does happen when you die?

  • Looking Forward to Summer

    Summer is my favorite season. I push through the school year to get to the first day of summer. I go to Maine for a week with my friends each year. I watch the fireworks in a field on a towel during the 4th of July.

  • Writing Dreams

    If I could run away I’d be gone. I’d clamber up the fence onto the roof and take off running. I’d bound up into the air and across the fields of puffy white clouds, bouncy and weightless. 

  • Wondering

    I wonder about a lot of things. Sometimes I wonder so much that I have to block out my questions before they overwhelm me entirely, filling my mind so there’s no room for anything besides queries and doubt and uncertainty.