• Timeless

    [By J Amos, Killington Elementary School] If the world was without clocks that would mean humans would use the sun or stars to guide them. Kids probably wouldn't be allowed to go too far into the woods.

  • gun control

    gun control- more than 500 people die each day because of the misuse/ violence of firearms.Data from 2020 showed there were 45,222 firearm-related deaths in the United States, as reported by CDC  .

  • metaphor

    I have this image of you holding a bloody heart, kind of sunken. When this girl needed help the most you tore out your heart to give it to her but her body rejected it and attacked it. It's a natural reaction, like allergies.

  • Immortal

    The thought of living forever doesn't seem reasonable in my mind:  not because of typical reasons like what other people might say about not wanting to see their friends die, but because I wouldn't want to be all alone forever.

  • Saying Sorry

    A butterfly effect, this is something so real it’s fictional. Maybe you've heard the term used in a lecture or in a fictional movie about time travel.

  • Immortal

    I feel like being immortal is a disease that makes you live forever. Some people would love being immortal and doing everything that they dream of doing.

  • My Hygge

    December, in my opinion, is the best of the winter months. It comes with many things like Holidays, time off of school, and especially the ski season.

  • Immortality

    I could not live forever. 

    There is a point where one stops living, and either dies or waits to die.

    Immortality has been a terror for me since I could read. 

    I believed if I lived eternally, I would be forced to suffer.

  • Sensing Fall

    I walk outside and smell the crisp fall air. Leaves everywhere all different colors from red to orange and a bit of yellow. I see leaves falling from trees while  and the soft breeze wisps my face.