Feb 08

Permanently Locked

This Box is permanently locked. No one has the Combination for the lock and the emergency key have been lost. So the locked box just sits there…. dormant.  It serves no purpose but to just sit there. The box sits both silently and still yet it has the ability to taunt people. The box knows the human nature to want to have answers, yet it still sits there. What’s in it I need to know. I can’t let the mystery be left unsolved. Its tightly shut I’ve tried with all my might to force it open, but to no avail. Thinking a couple of nights of sleep would give me an idea on how to crack it open, but as I sleep all I see is the black box with its gold Victorian pattern, the 6 × 3 × 2 in. box it’s in my dreams, it’s on my table, it’s in my thoughts, I begin to see it everywhere. People become walking, talking boxes, cities become scaled versions of the prism like capsule. So I did what felt right, I returned to the black and gold casket with a wedge and hammer. Attempting to open what’s been on my mind for far too long. As I approach it the gold begins to slightly blind me. I look myself in the golden reflection and I see the box looking back at me. I angrily pry the wedge into the casket and started hammering, after what felt like a lifetime of labor finally came to an end not because I succeeded but because the wedge and hammer were pounded way past the point of usability.  In a fit of rage I slam the box on the concreate ground, and watch it chip. My eyes glow with excitement and curiosity. I retrieve the container and repeat the process over and over and over again until the gold design was spread out across the floor. With one final throw I will be able to decode what’s been vexing me all this time. With all my power I strike the coffin on to the cement and it ultimately opens. What’s inside cannot be said nor understood. What’s inside no one would ever find. As I ran through the town full of joy boasting on how I opened the box. But all there was around me was people pondering on why a man was praising an open box when the container in this hands was closed shut with a lock protecting it.