Feb 09

Michael's Bad Day

It was a beautiful morning and nothing was wrong. Michael heard the birds chirping; it was 6:05 am. And Michael was ready for work. His wife was still sleeping. He didn’t want to wake her up so he made a cup of coffee and headed off to the hospital. He had to do a long and hard heart surgery. He started at 7 a.m. and ended at 11 p.m. He was exhausted and tired from the surgery. After the surgery, Michael got in his car, put on his seatbelt, put the key in the ignition, turned the key forward, and started the car. He powered on the radio as he was going home. When he walked into the house, he heard his wife screaming. He heard his wife screaming. Michael ran up the stairs, saw his wife, and tried to help her. She was bleeding, and she called the police and turned to Michael and said,”Michael he hurt me!” Just then he caught sight of the intruder; he saw what most of his face and body looked like. The man ran past Michael and went down the stairs. The police came and charged Michael with first degree murder.  Michael got put on a prison bus and he was handcuffed. But Michael knew he didn’t do anything. The bus crashed into a tree and rolled down a thirty foot hill. He got out of the bus and got the keys from the dead police officer. He went to the hospital and snuck into an elderly person’s room, who was sleeping. He got a shower, ate some food. and got new clothes. Michael threw his prison clothes away. He snuck into a big party to hide in the crowds, The cops were chasing him down. He found one of his old friends and he seemed a little suspicious. His friend was going out of the room where the party was. Michael followed him. The guy started running. They were on the rooftop. The cops helicopters were flying around him. Michael’s old friend said,”I killed your wife!” The cops yelled,” We aren’t after you Michael, we are after him.” Michael and his old friend fought, and Michael kept receiving and throwing punches. Just as Michael was going to fall off the roof. Quickly Michael grabbed his friend’s leg and threw him off the roof.
About the Author: xXiSpyTheTrumpster_Carrotmayonaisen00bXx2345
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