Feb 13
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The way she...

The way she laughs
the way she curls up into a ball
when she thinks I'm not looking
the way she taps our cat on the nose
so gently
youd think it was an accident
the way she looks
when shes rereading her favorite book
and it is the best part
the way her eyes close when she is thinking of the sun
the golden bronze of her hair in the afternoon
the way she moves in the water
the ins and outs of the woods
seem that much more special 
when she ducks and weaves
when playing tag
the way her heart pounds 
when shes going fast
the way she would never, ever run outside
without saying goodbye
the way she seems to float
when everyone is watching
the way she feels like shes not enough
even though she is 
the way she looks when she laughs
the way that everything she does makes me smile
even when she isn't trying
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