Feb 15
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Social media

Social media has taken are world over. Everything Is based around it. It was meant to communicate and share but now it's pretty much all we do. It was made for a good intention but many bad things have happened from it. Thousands of deaths have happened from cyber bullying and it mostly thanks to social media. If we never had it or end are use of it, it could really help us. You really only need call and text to talk to loved ones and friends and maybe in case of an emergency. You don't need all the other garbage looking at random pictures of people you don't know for hours on end. Just share your ideas and moments with the people you know. The whole world doesn't need to know your everyday life with all the hashtags and comments. Just keep it to yourself. All the mean tweets and anger in social media Isn't needed in our world already filled with anguish. All the news and lies spread on it is so unnecessary. Just get your news from the paper. Small businesses are dying all around are world from all the online branding people do on soak all media making it just a click a way to get a new outfit. Just go out into your community maybe meet someone new grab some lunch and get a better quality outfit 15 minutes down the road. Isn't that a better experience. I don't know if anyone's gonna change it but social media is poisoning are society.

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