14 years old


  • A Villanelle


    The pool is open, did you not hear?
    There’s a banner in town advertising it

    Summer hasn’t yet slipped from my fingertips


    I almost want to cry

  • Fragile

    Spring is a blossom crushed 

    Unbeknownst to you, in your clammy palm. 

    It’s a season made of glass, 

    Fragile, disintegrating 

    Like the April showers filling 

    Cracks in the pavement. 

  • Mauve

    Mauve is the lipstick we stole from your mother, 

    smeared sideways across your mouth and all over 

    your Sprite bottle, 

    a clandestine weight in your pocket  

  • hummingbird girl

    She's hidden, cowering in the corner,

    as she waits, mouth open,

    words frozen on her lips.

    She does not speak.

    I mold my sadness into poetry and she watches me,

    amber eyes taking in everything and nothing.

  • Medicine

    The wood is lush and dappled with light, 

    the first April flowers poking out of the ground, snow

    melting under my bare feet. 

    The ache of you digs into my chest like a sharpened blade,

  • An audition

    when she sang, she sang a rhapsody

    tender words that arced across the room on golden strings

    like her un-brushed curls that flew in the wind

    from the open window behind her.