Feb 15
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New Kid

I’m walking down the hall to room 302 and I have butterflies in my stomach like never before. Each step I take my foot feels heavier and heavier and I want to go back home to New York where all my friends are. I’ve always heard about the popular kids, the nerds, the weird people. I hope people think I’m cool. The school here is big and I feel like there are so many people and so many eyes on me, the new kid. They’re looking at me with the who-the-heck-are-you face. I pick up my pace a little and I feel like I’m standing out completely. I reach the door to 302 just when the bell rings. There are decorations all over the door. In one place there’s snowflakes, in another place there’s flowers and right smack in the middle is everyone’s name. I find mine. It says Amelia in big letters across the front with rainbows all around it. I don’t like my name and I never have. That’s why I’ve started being called Maya. It sound cooler. I finally get enough courage and I open the door and it makes the loudest creaking noise and everyone’s heads turn towards me. It’s a million eyes staring right at me, my worst nightmare.
“Hi,” I say shyly to the class. 
“Class! This is our very own new student, Maya Edwards!” exclaims so called Ms. Foster. My new teacher. I do a 360 around the classroom and trip over Ms. Foster's desk. The whole class laughs. I’m not gonna make any friends, my (other) worst nightmare.

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