Feb 18
poem 0 comments challenge: I Am
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I am the one who wants to understand.
I want to know what there is to know.
I want to reach out my arms,
Spread them wide, and feel the wind.
I want to let the words flow
And sparkle on the page,
Or let them tumble from my mouth,
Crafted effortlessly into perfect prose.
I want to be inspired,
I want to comprehend the nuances of life,
The arcs and connections and meanings.
To know the way the stars paint the sky,
Why poems and songs can be so breathtaking,
How my life is so small, yet so large.
To know all this, if only just for a moment.
Even if I forget it again.
I want the world to shrink
To the size of an apple
So I can examine it at my leisure,
And understand its depths exactly.
I want it to grow, so very large,
So that each blade of grass
Towers high overhead,
And I see everything within;
From the smallest living things
To each individual particle,
How the gears unceasingly turn.
So that I can know its depths once more,
And truly understand them.
A sense of perspective,
A grasp of what life is.
It never seems to be simple,
And it has no reason to be.
But just once,
I wish I could know it for itself,
To be granted the words to describe it.
Because the world is turning, day in and day out,
And I could be the one who feels it.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018