Feb 22
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This is Not My America

she got raped and has to give birth
she doesn’t have a choice
she didn’t want to be pregnant
but who cares, she has no voice

he got shot in a school
it was just a normal day
he won’t live his long life
did no wrong and still has to pay

school used to be safe
parties used to be fun
but not anymore
we know what must be done

laws must be enforced
no, they must be changed
this has become a problem
we can’t blame the deranged

i can see no more love
and i’m starting to lose hope
but what about our children?
boys have learned it’s okay to grope

i’m eighteen years old
and yes, i’m a female
i shouldn’t have to worry about this
instead of a test. "oh god, did i fail?"

so mr. president
help us out please
or terror will continue to spread
like the plague, that deadly disease

shootings and bombings
the terror is spreading
and it’s americans
no joke, I’m not kidding

we need to do something
as a country, as a nation
new gun laws and equal rights maybe,
but no, all you want is to go on vacation

i’m starting to agree
with the “not my president!”
you have the power to make this all stop
and the chants might end, i think that’s evident

if abortions stayed legal
and you banned the AR-15
people would see you’ve changed
and their views, they might start to lean

but no you haven’t done anything
you sit all high and mighty
at least you have security
and your room is kept tidy

well some of us need help
and you’re the start of that
just do something, make some changes
or the u.s. will go splat

stop blaming the refugees 
and the travel ban is stupid
with all the allegations
you might as well be cupid

please mr. president
we all want this to end
i want to feel safe at school
i want our cultures to blend

i’m only eighteen
and this is what i worry about
i want to trust you’ll keep me safe
but instead i’m starting to doubt

Parkland is in mourning
just like Sandy Hook
this will just keep happening
open your eyes, talk a look!

black lives matter
oh and also ‘me too’
we’re trying to get your attention
can’t you take a clue?

this is a cry for help
not from me, but from us all
please do something mr. president
i think we were screwed at the inaugural ball
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