Mar 05


More 2am slam poetry by yours truly. 

Why is menstruation such a hush hush subject? 
Like I'm sorry,
But I can't help it that the lining of my uterus decides once a month that its time to pour out my vagina because I didn't conceive a goddamn child. 
I don't see why I have to keep that shit a secret.
But then again, if a man were to know that a woman bleeds out of her vagina for 3 to 7 days once every month.
He'd be like,
"Ew that's fucking gross, I don't want to hear about it."
Like who cares about your opinion.
Literally, nobody asked.
And if you don't like it, 
Well that fucking sucks to be you.
Because this is something I can't control. 
And if you're really that disgusted with periods Y'all gotta think back to your mother.
I bet she was praying for her period,
But got you instead.
And why do men think periods are about them?
I don't do that shit for you.
I don't even do it for me.
My uterus is like 'knock knock bitch, I see you don't have a child, time to strip myself out of your vagina.'
And let me tell you,
That shit fucking hurts.
So don't you dare tell me to chill out and that I'm overreacting.
How about you have the lining of one of your organs tear away from itself.
How about you go out and buy ridiculously overpriced hygiene products that should be free. 
How about you tuck a pad in your shirt or a tampon up your sleeve, check out, change everything, and be back in under five minutes so that nobody suspects anything. 
How about you be shamed once a month till you're like 50 because of a natural process you have no control over.
How about you try to keep that shit a secret. 
How about you pop painkillers every 6 to 8 hours because the cramps feel like someone is taking a knife to your uterus. 
How about you beg one of your friends for a pad or tampon because your period decided it was going to come early and you were unprepared. 
How about you go about your everyday life acting as is you don't have blood pouring out of your vagina.
How about you coordinate what colour pants you're going to wear that day because you're scared of bleeding threw. 
And then let me tell you that you're overreacting and that you need to chill out.
And then let me see how fucking mad you get.
So next time a girl tells you she's on her period,
Have some fucking sympathy.