Mar 09
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It had been a fairly normal day. I had woken up, gone to school, come back home, and done basically nothing at all after that. Suddenly, I realized that I had totally forgotten to do literally any of my homework. Of course, to rectify this mistake, I immediately began to think to myself that I should really do my homework now, and then, having already exercised far too much mental ability by just having a vague thought that maybe I should be responsible, proceeded to do absolutely nothing for another hour. At the end of that timespan, I thought once more “Huh. I just did absolutely nothing for another hour. I should actually do my homework now.” I then recalled what homework I had from each class, and estimated the amount of time it would most likely take me complete all of it: by my calculations, approximately three to five hours. As it was already 11:00, I was not particularly pleased by the outcome of this mental math, but I started my homework nonetheless. Unfortunately, about 6 hours later I realized that not only did it take far longer than I had thought it possibly could (something that was not helped by the fact that I liberally took breaks), but I also had another chemistry worksheet that I had entirely forgotten about. At this time, my mom woke up, and quickly became extremely agitated by my procrastination. In that moment, I realized that I had made many, many mistakes, although that realization was made somewhat slower by my sleep deprivation.
    - (Only partly, fortunately) based on a true story

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