Mar 14

Allium Anthology

The Allium Anthology is looking for your submissions. Get your work published!

Partnered the Champlain College Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Allium Anthology is an online publication seeking to give a platform to young, marginalized voices. Allium is publishing essays, poetry, music, art (painting, sculptures, makeup, etc), and photo essays centered around the theme of breaking down stereotypes about place and culture. To learn more about submission guidelines and the project, visit While you're at the website, make sure to check out the essay that inspired the project, "To My Gambian Friends Who Believe Trump is Right to Call Africa a 'Shithole'" by Absa Samba. 

Allium has extended their submission deadline to April 15th. Email your submissions to [email protected]. All work must be original. Multiple submissions are welcome. 

Image credit: Maria Eklind, Creative Commons