Mar 14


Watching you 
walk in and out of life everyday,
almost makes me wish that I was just
the slightest bit less stiff,
so my feet could move faster,
but, I guess I'm still just rooted to the ground.

Hearing you 
breathe the breaths you take,
almost makes me wish I could take in life as well,
but my air is blocked
by the fake organ,
that my chest wants to call a lung.

Touching you
as though you were a flower,
almost makes me wish that I was more than just dust,
being swept up by immature fools,
who don't know what to do with me,
except throw me under a rug.

Seeing you
smile your fake smiles
almost makes me wish that I was real,
so I could know what it's like,
to move my lips just once,
even if it's to frown instead.