Mar 23
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    He decided he wanted her once it was too late. She had waited a year and finally gave up, yet as soon as she moved on he realized he had truly lost her. He wanted her back, wanted a second chance, but she had made up her mind. She wouldn't give him the chance to hurt her again. As time went on they grew further apart. She began to forget about the feelings she had once had for him but he never forgot his. Then she got dumped, and he was the one who was there for her. She began to want what she had with him again. He finally was going to get what he had waited years for, her. They grew close once again. They seemed inseparable and she had forgotten how he had once hurt her. They saw themselves as perfect together. She put everything on the line for him. That's when she started to notice he never replied, the put in less effort, and he just began to seem uninterested. She realized this is what happened before, what had ended them. She told him, told him she didn't want them to end, that she didn't want to be replaced again. He said he would never do that again, that he would never do anything to hurt her. Soon after he told her he needed a break, that it wasn't working. Once again her heart was broken, but this time beyond repair. He had replaced her, again, and this time it was her fault for going back to him.  She realized that he would do this again, so she let him know she was done, and then they had nothing to say to each other.
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