Mar 26
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The Brick

One morning I woke up to hear the sounds the birds outside of my window. I get dressed and headed downstairs, and out the door. It was very sunny and warm on this wonderful, amazing, spectacular June morning. It was June 1st 2017. I started to walk down the road just to enjoy the sights of the day. That is when I saw a loose brick in the middle of a wall next to Main Street. I pulled the brick out of the wall and a small piece of paper fluttered out of the tiny space. I picked up the piece of paper off the ground. I unfolded it and it said, “ If you are reading this you are about to do something very wrong”. After I read this I thought this could not be talking about me right. So I stuffed the piece of paper in my pocket and continued on with my walk. I had been walking for at least a mile or two now, when I walked up to a sign that said “ pedestrians look both ways before crossing.” I decided to not listen to what the sign stated, so I crossed the road. Then out of nowhere came a red truck, and bam. Everything went dark. When I woke up I was sitting on my bed in my room with no injuries at all. I am a little confused so I looked at my phone and the date read June 1st 2017. But that was the date yesterday I thought. I get out of bed, and for some reason I am interested to know if there is still a note in the middle of the wall on Main Street.
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