Mar 26
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Valentines for my dog

This one is for my dog, yeah you hog my blanket, you always want treats and I say no but your I-already-ate-but-I want-more eyes always get me. Do you remember the time you broke your leash from the tree? and the time you fell of the rocks and cut your leg, or the time you pulled me across the ice when I was in a sled. When Christmas comes around you always let us put the reindeer horns on your head. I know you’ve probably been through a lot you’ve been through good and bad but you always amaze me.You are now 9 years old I’ve had you for awhile but I’ve always remembered your super silly smile, your feet smell like Fritos, you fart all the time, but I wouldn’t trade you for a puppy because you are mine. 
To Akili
From Paco 
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