Mar 26
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Cotton field

The bag of cotton sat at the roots calling his name like his sister when she was stripped from him. It was early in the morning Carter was already up, he sat in at the tip top of the apple tree eating away before somebody caught him. But his eyes caught the bright but subtle sunrise. He never realized after all this time that maybe the world didn’t love him or his people but they loved the world. He saw all the fields of cotton and the apple orchards in the distance. He bit into a mushy apple, at this point he would eat anything. But he noticed something in the apple, he noticed a worm inside of the apple. He almost threw away the apple in disgust but realized the worm wasn’t even fazed by him. Carter understood that he was almost stealing the worms home just like his “owner” stole his family. Everybody started waking up and walking to the orchard and the tree Carter was in. But the bag of cotton sat at the roots calling his name one last time.
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