Mar 27
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The Tree

I climbed up the tree excited to go back down and have a test of my fun day with my dog. You’re probably wondering how I got up here, it’s a long story. Me and my dog Max were playing fetch with a frisbee and I through it so hard that it ended up going in a tree. Unfortunately for me it was the tallest tree so I climbed up thinking “ Oh this should be awesome I’ll get to see the nice view of the park. Well it was easy going up but then I realized I was at least 20 ft up. I’ve never been this high, besides on roller coasters and we were strapped in I wasn’t. So that’s how I ended up here. I tried calling for help but it’s about 7pm and it’s late spring so not many people are here and it’s getting dark. Luckily it’s not winter or I would freeze. Well that’s a good thing but I’m in a park there could be wild animals here at night and I don’t want Max to get hurt. Out of the corner of my eye I see two little lights go by and along with that a shape. By now it’s night and I think something’s stalking me and Max. It happened so quick bear came with its paws and claws the size of my head it’s savage looking eyes. The teeth that will never leave my mind they were like daggers. It roared and charged. I closed my eyes tight and when I opened them I was sweating and max was sleeping at the end of my bed. It turned out to be a dream. The only things on my mind were me and maxes safety and a reminder never climb a high tree.
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