Mar 27

Cyborg Manifesto

won’t you celebrate with me
my arms made of metal
my computer brain that is connected to the internet constantly
people say that I am not a human
just because I am a cyborg robot computer man does not mean I am not human
I am not a thing or product
my body may be mechanical, but my soul is human
I have a soul, a personality that can not be copied into code
my humanity can not be reduced to ones and zeros
you think that having an organic body makes you better than me?
no. you are stuck in the past, you refuse to evolve to the next stage
the next stage of human existence
you reject technology, you refuse to merge with machinery
you will be left behind while we continue to move forward
you are an artifact, a specimen of a defunct age
what gives you the right to define what it is to be human?
is it really having a body
or is something more? something that does not have a physical presence,
that can be carried over into a mechanical body
you think your body makes you unique?
well it can probably be cloned into thousands of mass produced copies that look just like you
it can be replicated into a machine
but are all those copies the same as you?
are they the same, or even better, than the original?
no, they are fakes
they are lacking the thing that makes you unique
in the end it doesn’t matter
I chose to be a cyborg
I have total control over my body
I define my humanity for myself

About the Author: platypiguy101
William Keeton