Mar 30
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Don't Tell Me

Don't tell me when the world is falling.
The innocence of ignorance is better
than the bleak pessimism that would plague me,
pull me down to its deep, murky bottom.
Don't tell me when the world is falling,
I'd rather you tell me that the sky is lifting off,
leaving us in its muli-colored, wispy wake.
It was going to find a different world to blanket.
A better world.
The children would ask, 
"Is our world not good enough for the sky?"
And I would want to tell them, 
yes, it is good. We live in a good world. 
But I wouldn't be able to pry my lips apart to assure them
that the sky still loves us.
Because who wants to lie to kids when the world is ending?
Don't tell me when the world is falling,
tell me that the clouds are racing each other to space,
even as we ourselves plunge into the oblivion. 
We are going to a better place,
whether it be heaven or somewhere else.
Please don't tell me when the world is falling,
it might be more than I can take.
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