Apr 04

The fight

I am the one who fights for equality 
I do not relate to every story 
Or struggle
Every side eye or glare
But I understand 
I understand why this happens
And fear
Fear of something different 
Ignorance of the truth
Refusing to see the reality 

We are the ones who fight for equality 
There's fire in our hearts when we
Reveal the truth
I hold on to my friend’s hands
We create a barrier 
A shield 
As we whisper 
How would you like being told your own body doesn’t belong to you?
How would you like to live knowing one in six women get reaped in their lifetime?
A white woman gets paid 77 cents on the dollar of a white man
That sounds bad until you realize a black women gets paid 68 cents on the dollar of a white man. 
So stop talking so you can hear all the facts. 

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Rosie Lowry
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