Apr 12
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It’ll be fine, I’ve been practicing for weeks with the math and in class we’ve been doing the english practice tests for even longer , so if I don’t know something it’s fine, I know what I know…..But should I have been practicing longer? In Gilmore Girls they were doing it all summer and I didn’t even practice for the SAT’s this summer, so if I don’t do well it’s because I didn’t practice enough and I’m definitely gonna do terrible because I don’t know anything whenever we do them in class and I can’t do math even if my life depended on it and my life DOES depend on it so what am I going to do!!!!! However, my PSAT’s weren’t that bad, they were pretty good so I shouldn’t be too bad off, yet SAT’s are so so so so much harder so I really have no guarantee that they will be around the same score  as my PSAT’s buutttttt I can take them again so it shouldn’t be so bad and the things I see that I don’t know I can always study harder for the time I take them again, so it’ll be ok. I’ll be ok, it’ll be fine.

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