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Earth residents,
There is a mass of trash in the ocean, created by us, three times the size of Texas. The air is poisoned by our burning waste to the extent where breathing in certain regions requires a special mask. Animals bathe in water darkened black by spills of products we have made all around the world. The weather, though it may feel cold, will not stay this way forever. It too will be affected by our actions and our industrial chimneys. With passing time, the definition of nature will change completely; typically green grass will soon sprout up short, brown, and brittle, rough on our passing feet; usually brilliant flowers will wilt, their colors failing to bloom; normally clear, blue water will be swampy masses of water-resembling substances.
To just begin somewhere, however small, is a step in the right direction. A step from just one can grow, and a snowball of renewed environment-mindedness will be sure to ensue. To begin, simply just recycle a bottle, choose a biodegradable option, think first before tossing an empty soda can out the window. Then, carry reusable bags, limit garbage, and support the projects of others that initiate a considerable amount of earth cleanup. As a result, the air we breathe will be fresher, the water we drink will be cleaner, and earth will last longer. Any little action, with the intent to make earth a bit more green and blue in color, is enough to evoke change in others, to the point that it might set climate change on a different path, away from irreversible damage.
It should go without saying that if we plan to reside here, earth’s environment should be livable, and we should be conscious of the fact that we are capable of affecting it.

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