Apr 24
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Zoloft 100mg

i wish i could remind you that you are beautiful
because you are so beautiful 
so god damn beautiful 
but you don't hear me 
i'm not sure you can right now. 

i know you're going through a lot 
and that's okay 
i just wish you had left space for me-- 
to help. 

i try to leave reminders of me around the house 
i draw happy faces on sticky notes 
i paint wings on your eyes for you 
because you like the way it makes them look 

i make you food 
i make breakfast burritos and ramen noodles
sometimes i peel clemetimes for you
you usually leave them out

you do eat really funny
you always leave a bit of something on your plate 
as if to complete a meal
as if to feel full
would be wrong 

i wish i could force feed you. 

you're a strong person 
you're doing okay on your own and i'm admiring from a far 
because i know right now you want distance
but it's so hard

because i know you're not reminding yourself
i know you don't know how to do that right now. 

i know you won't make it on your own
and i'm scared
because without you
i won't be me. 

because without you 
i'll forget to remind myself too.