May 16

Empty Implications of Reciprocation

I was taught the way to not feel pain is to be numb and the only way to be numb to pain is to expose yourself to it. Pain is nothing but a temporary feeling. But being numb is a feelingless momentum that feels like white noise. The noise never leaves it just becomes jaded. I learned that what hurts most isn't not being loved but your love not meaning anything someone else. What happens when you realize that they don't care about you loving them its's just numb. Blank stares, cold finger tips, and lost thoughts is how you'll feel. You start to look back at memories with the rose shaded lenses broken revealing the grim truth. Everything you said, everything you did, everything you showed, meant nothing. All of it wasted gasps swepted away by the brisk wind never to be heard from again. The words you tried so hard to articulate were lost in translation. Now this leaves you forever stuck in a lost state of hysteria never forgetting how what you said meant nothing. I love you. I love you. I, Love, you.