May 18
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Another One

“Oh, another one,”
Was the reaction to the news today
It’s become so routine that we’re numbed to the horror
Of all of those lives lost
The hurt and the broken hearts 
And the futures cut short
Imagine the tears and the blood pooling on the ground
And the survivors gagging at the sight of the gory bodies 
Of their friends 
The pain of a community torn apart by the loss
Of children with so much promise
Or maybe not promise but the fact that
They meant something to someone
Death is hard but it’s a hundred times harder
When it comes without warning and 
It is so abrupt and cruel and 
It could have been stopped
But second amendment rights are more important
Than the lives of our children
Am I correct?
Though I still can’t understand why we 
Can’t destroy gun culture when
We have a long history of destroying cultures
Without a second thought 
How is it
That after all these dead children
All of the limp and lifeless bodies
We still haven’t changed
Kindergarteners are taught
How to throw a stapler at an intruder
And slow them down to 
Maximize the number of lives
They save as they are 
And my classmates and I?
With every tragedy we wonder
If we are next

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About the Author: Della
'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.' -Nelson Mandela