May 19
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One Of Many

You’re walking down the street. It’s only the beginning of the street, but you’re excited to see the rest of it. The begging of the street is fresh, fun, and new. As you continue walking down the street, things start to change. You realize you’ve lost some things, or missed some things, but you’ve also gained a few. Then it all becomes a blur once you enter the middle of the crowded streets. You’re just trying to get prepared for whatever life throws at you, and once you finally get around the crowds, you get to continue cruising along leaving all that anxiety in the past. As you keep gliding along, you realize the end of the street is approaching. You’re not quite ready for it, but then again, you totally are. Then boom, just a few more steps and you’re there. Even though the stress level is high, and you’re not quite sure you’re done exploring, you’re nearing the end. But once you’re done walking, you know that it’s going to feel so good. So you keep walking down the street, you keep waiting for the right moment to stop walking at all, but for now, you enjoy it, because there’s always going to be a bigger street to walk down.