May 23


Put on your mask.
Don’t let them see your face.

Detach, withdraw.
Create your disguise,
So they never know who you are.

Don’t let them see the fear.
Don’t let them see the hate.
Don’t let them know what’s wrong.

They don’t need to know you.
They don’t deserve that trust.
They don’t understand your brain .

But really, neither do you.
You don’t understand why.
Why you? Why that?

Your bubble is safe.
Your bubble is warm.
Your bubble is all you’ve ever known.

No need to escape your world.
No need to contaminate it with others.
No need to alter it with their words.

Words you’ll never grasp.
Words you’ll never use.
Words you’ll never understand.

Phrases twist inside your brain
To what makes sense to you,
And are spat out unintelligible to them.

I’ll tell you a secret.
You have to keep it,
But you should have no problem being silent.

You’re right.
They’re wrong.
Because you’re me.