Jun 06

The Clue

My friend is missing.

It’s been about a month after she disappeared.

I’m really worried.

Sometimes I think that she just decided not to come to summer camp,

But she is never home either.

I just can’t get over the fact that I miss her so much.

I miss her beautiful lavender scent.

Her lovely dress she wears.

And most of all,

Her incredible voice when she sings.
I don’t know what to do.

I call out her name,

“Hannah! Hannah!”

But she never shows.
She used to bring delicious pastries to lunch,

Their red jelly guts,

Sprawled on my face.

Tasting their berries.

But now, all I eat is plain PB & J.
I would always enjoy her company when she came by my house.

So we could go to the park and pass the football back and forth.

But now, when I go to the park,

All I want to do is cry.

I want my face to be wet with tears,

I feel so lonely without her shadowy figure.

Towering over me when we sit on the hard metal bench,

The sun cowering down west.
I was about to give up when I arrived at the picnic tables for lunch.

I miss her squealing laugh,

When I would look and touch the polished pine wood.

Like it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

I loved how it was so smooth,

I was fascinated.

But now, I look at it with deep sorrow.

It was Monday afternoon,

And I had been looking for her all weekend.

I wasn’t hungry, but I told myself I should eat something

Because we weren’t allowed to eat later.

But as I open my lunch box,

There it was;

One of her pastries.

I bit into its juicy core,

The delicious chunky, homemade cranberry jelly,

Made my lips curve into a soft smile,

I shoved the rest back into the wrapper for later,

And licked my fingers,

One by one,

Just to get every last crumb into my hollow stomach.

It growled in appreciation

And the other young adults at my table,

Looked at me with confusion,

I would have bothered me,

But I wasn’t paying attention.

I just sat there looking out into space,

Reliving all of the memories I shared with her,

Sad memories,

Angry memories,

Fun memories.

I remembered them with sad eyes.

And started to cry.

But instead of sobbing loudly like I usually do,

With short jagged breaths in between,

Soft, silent, tears came.

Even though I was sad.

I was excited at the possibility,

That she was still out there.
I went home that day,

Walking with my head high in the air,

Nose pointed to the clear blue sky,,

With a new kind of purpose.

Sure that I was going to find the perfect clue,

That will lead me to my favorite person.
I walked the streets,

Neighbors backyards,

All around the city,

Until I was on the outskirts of it.

I gave up,

And started my long walk home,

With sulked shoulders.

But walking through fields and fields of emptiness,

Was when I finally found it.

Exactly what I was always looking for.

The perfect clue,

The clue that I should have seen right away.

Though, I can’t say what it is,

I can tell you:

Listen to your heart.
About the Author: Katz4Life
Aurora Butler
Author has not loved anything.