Jun 15
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how i'm feeling better (or reasons that i love you)

1. i'm feeling better because it hurts you when i'm not. 
2. i feel okay because i know that if i say that and i don't mean it, you won't believe me.
3. i'm feeling semi-normal again because you made me laugh - and i didn't even have to make myself find something funny.
4. i miss you when you're not here, and when i'm feeling sad, i don't want you to have to be around me.
5. i might throw something if i admit to myself that i'm not feeling better at all, and so instead, i'm writing this. 


to myself; when i am not feeling like myself

1. that even when you don't recognize the person in the mirror, they have
your mom's eyes and they look a little bit like your little brother. their heart beats
with yours. their fingernails are purple too. 

2. that although you don't feel like you belong to anything or anybody,
someone is thinking of you and someone is missing you. he loves you,