Jun 19

Lost in Time

My mind is blank...
unsure of what to think.

There is so much to think about,
but so little
I want to consider.

My mind ponders...
aching with a tired pulse,
almost as if it were

The calm room around me,
dark and shadowy,
too quiet
for my liking.

The sheets are cool,
almost damp.
I feel cold.
So empty,
staring at the shadows.

The silence
is chaos in my ears.
A warm buzz
like ten thousand screams,
begging and crying from
a whole world away.

I can do nothing,
but lay and stare.
Watching the grainy shadow
disintegrate into the light
in the door’s key lock.

The clock burns out
with a searing white light.
The hands freeze on four AM.

I sigh,
not tired,
but exhausted.
Exhausted to an extent
where I forget that I am exhausted.

I close my eyes,
not close to falling asleep,
not quite awake.
I try to imagine
that I am not in the place I am in.

I lay still
so my body forgets the bed.

I twitch,
imagining that I am flying,
the heights above
a silent city
so bright.

a song of wailing dolphins,
far out,
lost as I am.

My heart feels as though
it is being pressed.

‘So this
is the beauty of the human mind’
I think,
‘So this is the beauty,
of loneliness...’

I close my eyes once more,
a silent wave takes me under.

I resurface and watch the starry sky,
like a colossal glass table top
speckled with far away diamonds.

I float in my ocean,
neither drowning,
nor breathing.
I wait for the key to turn in the lock,
I wait for the shadows to melt.

Time holds my hand,
it’s face hidden.
I am lost in time’s touch,
so gentle,
so dangerous.

Soon to disappear
and be replaced by itself.

For the sake of time,
I fall asleep,
still unsure of what I might think,
still unsure of why
I am hesitating...

About the Author: Michmich