Aug 17
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A Summer Faded

A summer came and passed by fast. 
Leaving nothing but empty mass. 
In colors of orange and red and gold,
 will mark colors of death as summer foretold. 
Gone away are fire lit nights, 
The sweet sent of midday rain, 
the pretty sights of morning twilights. 

The sweetest flowers once bloomed in your wake, 
and Sunflowers,
now leave not an earthly trace. 
Summer's beauty, you may take,
but you can't sow a field with yellow lace.

They say all stars burn out eventually, 
so is true of summer stars. 
They bloom and flourish right in your hand, 
then disappear to a far off land. 
Demands are made and promises kept,  
will you soon sing again? 

Shall spring never compare to thy lighter brest? 
Will the deers still prance and birds still sing, 
under winter's turbulent test? 
Or must they wait again for you? 
Trapped in ice and frozen things, 
trapped in cold and frigid sorrow? 

Thy eyes like gold and hair like silver, 
thy skin like silk and mouth like honey, 
keep the days and evenings sunny. 
Fragile shards keep you together, 
Moonlight tears tore you apart from sky. 
Breezes came to steal the weather. 

The creatures sleep upon the hill, 
the water stills,
The mountains tremble,
The skies of gray and white amass.
One final sunset will rise,
and give gateway to a year in pass.