Sep 04

Into the Lonely Woods

One step, then another
I follow the well-loved path
into the lonely woods

I take in the scent - 
ever so faded, but familiar somehow
wavering through the air
in the light fog

I can hear voices, but not their words
Many voices, woven together in their lack of language and meaning
Voices I do not know
but know the pain of

I come to a crossroads, and do not hesitate - 
for if I did, I would never make my choice - 
and continue forward on

No matter where I turn
or which path I take
they all bear the footprints
of those who came before me

I wonder what the first person to come here did
If, with nothing to lead them
they could not find their way
and withered to nothing

I never see a soul - 
only shadows, hidden in the corners of my eyes
and in between blinks
I know they are there, nevertheless
for their voices never stop

When I tumble out, legs shaking, panting breaths
I remember little
a whisper of a voice
a hint of a scent
a flicker of a shadow
but forget nothing of what I learned
what I discovered
in the lonely woods