Writing Challenges: Inspiration and ideas to spark your creativity every day

A two-part challenge. 1. Write a story of 500 characters. 2. Copy your best and post them here as a blog response. Details:
  • WRITE a story that is real or made-up or half and half. 
    • Write your 500-character story on TINY WRITES
    • Write a lot of them on a regular basis.
  • THEN, post your best, on an ongoing basis, as a response to this challenge. 
  • We'll publish the best, on an ongoing basis, in The Voice and elsewhere.
  • AND, to those who do it regularly (daily?) we'll send unexpected prizes. 
BACKGROUND: This #smallstories idea sprang from some friends of mine on mastodon.social (a non-monetized, de-centralized, non-tracking, open-source alternative to Twitter); these are digital educators, gamers, artists and musicians from around the world. The reason we like #smallstories is because writing them is fun and non-stressful; and the practice helps you observe (if it's non-fiction), imagine (if it's fiction); strain to confine your story to its absolute essential elements and see the story in everything. 

Have fun.
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