Sep 14


People say you are what you eat.

I don’t want to be a pig, or a chicken, or.., an octopus.

Which I don’t eat.

But some animals that I am glad to be are…

Yeah, I don’t know yet.
Some people say that life is like a rose.

True, because life is beautiful, but there are no

roses without thorns. So that means that there are some

hard things in life that you just have to live with.
We all have a a symbol by month,

January is the Great Horned Owl, February is Indigo Bunting,

March, Native Sparrow or American Robin,

Let’s skip.

June:Dove,  August:Kingfisher, October:Swan,

Et cetera.
We all have a gem.

Mine is the purple one, I think it’s called..umm, oh yeah,  amethyst.

My sister’s gem is alexandrite, it’s a lavender color,

my mom is zircon, in the middle of dark and light blue.

My dad is diamond and so is my brother’s, it’s a silver color.

We’re mixed.
People say, life sucks or, life’s wonderful.

It all depends on what you see or what your going through.

Some people are spoiled and that’s a normal life to them.

Or, some people just think that life is great.

They are thankful for what they got.
Some people don’t get a lot of things, or they get bullied.

That’s why they say their life sucks.

I appreciate everything my parents give me or gave me.

I think life is beautiful. I tell myself over and over sometimes,

‘You will be an actor and when you get the money,

you will make a food drive.’

I’m still waiting till I grow up and I am confident

in what I want to be
People are different.

There is not one person with the same exact

personality as another person.

That would be freaky, and boring.
That’s life, some people just have to live with it.

And, even though things get in your way, don’t let it

ruin your day. Hey, that rhymed. :)